2011 Boys Cross Country Senior Recognition Meet
We traditionally recognize our senior team members during the final home meet of the 2011 Mahomet-Seymour Cross Country season.  The years that we do not have a home meet, we recognize our seniors at our conference meet.  The conference meet is the last meet that our team can run the entire team together.  Our conference meet is on October 15.

At this time, we will recognize our seniors, and their parents for their support and dedication to their sons and our program.  Senior cross country parents will also be recognized at this time.  We greatly appreciate the seniors and the leadership they provide to their younger teammates.

This year some parents have suggested that we try a potluck type picnic for both the runners and families of all of our runners.  We will have a picnic after the open race is finished.  The varsity race starts at 11:00 am and the open race starts at noon.

Our Senior Runners

John Butcher

son of  Jeff and Debbie Butcher
Elijah Johnson
son of Lieb and Stacie Johnson
Dan Lewis

son of Tim and Kim Lewis
Cale McCormick

son of Flynn and Carleen McCormick
Brian Plotner

son of Linda Plotner
Lucas Prather

son of Daren and Sandy Prather
Nick Ross

son of  Mike and Kristi Ross

2011 Seniors  

2010 Juniors

2009 Sophomores

2008 Freshmen


2008 John Butcher
2009 John Butcher
2010 John Butcher
2011 John Butcher
2008 Elijah Johnson
2009 Elijah Johnson
2010 Elijah Johnson
2011 Elijah Johnson
2008 Dan Lewis
2009 Dan Lewis
2010 Dan Lewis
2011 Dan Lewis

2011 Cale McCormick

2009 Brian Plotner
2010 Brian Plotner
2011 Brian Plotner
2008 Lucas Prather
2009 Lucas Prather
2010 Lucas Prather
2011 Lucas Prather

2009 Nick Ross
2010 Nick Ross
2011 Nick Ross



pictures from previous senior meets
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