2013 Boys Cross Country Senior Recognition Meet
We traditionally recognize our senior team members during the final home meet of the 2013 Mahomet-Seymour Cross Country season.  The years that we do not have a home meet, we recognize our seniors at the conference meet.

At this time, we will recognize our seniors, and their parents for their support and dedication to their sons and our program.  Senior cross country parents will also be recognized at this time.  We greatly appreciate the seniors and the leadership they provide to their younger teammates.

This year some parents have suggested that we try a potluck type picnic for both the runners and families of all of our runners. 

Our Senior Runners

Kyle Appelquist

son of  Karl and Pam Appelquist
Chris Carlton

son of  Brian and Michaela
Nathaniel Cebulski

son of Scott and Julia Cebulski
Jeff Coburn

son of  Jeff and Bonnie Coburn
Curt Kupferschmid

son of  Chad and Linda Kupferschmid
Daniel Middendorf

son of  Jay and Stephanie Middendorf
Ethan Russell

son of  Craig and Chris Russell
Forrest Smoes
son of  Dale and Jane Smoes
Dhairav Vakil

son of  Praful and Pradnya Vakil
James Williams

son of John and Carolyn Williams

  2012 Seniors

2011 Juniors  


2009 Freshman  


2009 Bobby Butler  
2010 Bobby Butler  
2011 Bobby Butler  
 2012 Bobby Butler
  2012 Matthew Chupp
2009 Jonathan Schaap
2010 Jonathan Schaap
 2011 Jonathan Schaap
2012 Jonathan Schaap  
2009 John Williams
2010 John Williams
2011 John Williams
  John Williams