2015 Cody Jesswein
Cody Jesswein - Senior

Cody is a third year high school cross country runner. 

Son of Erin and Valerie Jesswein.

2013 Personal Best Time 21:42 (20:27*)

2014 Personal Best Time 21:50 (20:34*)

2015 Personal Best Time 25:34*

2014 Brent Johnson True Grit Award Winner

 #6 Most Improved over a Career List with a 7:06 improvement

2014 & 2015 State Meet Medalist

Fastest Sophomore Times List for the Metamora Invitational

Fastest Junior Times List for the Metamora Invitational

2013 News Gazette Prep Cross Country Leaders list in September
   As a Sophomore, Cody joined us from the track team.  Cody brings a lot to the team.  His teammates have commented on how impressed they are with how hard he works in practice and that he brings a positive attitude with him to our tough workouts.  Cody opened up his first high school cross country race at the Charleston Invitational.  Cody finished strong with a 28:48.  Cody had an amazing race at the Springfield Invitational.  He had over a 6 minute improvement to run a 22:43.  His time earned him the 10th spot on our team's most improved over a career list.  We look at a runner's first high school race compared to their fastest 3 mile high school race.  Cody improved 6 minutes and 5 seconds. Cody's time was fast enough to earn him a spot on the News Gazette's prep cross country leaders list in September.  Cody ran another solid race at the Peoria Notre Dame Invitational with a 23:20.  He showed an amazing amount of intensity in his mid season workouts as he was determined to improve.  While the tougher workouts made even our fastest runners drop out of workout reps, Cody dug down and finished them all.  He really showed how strong of a character he is.  Cody ran in the 23s again at the East Peoria Invitational with a 23:25.  His team won the invitational.  Cody had a great run at the Metamora Invitational where he had another break through.  He ran a 20:27 as he skipped over the 21's entirely.  Cody's time was fast enough to earn him a spot on our team's fastest sophomore list for the Metamora Invitational.  Cody ran an amazing run at the Conference meet.  Despite the very slow course Cody managed to run a lifetime personal best of 21:42.  He was only one of three runners from our team able to run a best at this race.  Cody improved 1 minute and 1 second from his previous 3 mile best.  This improvement moved him up to the #6 spot on our most improved over a career list with a 7 minute and 6 second overall improvement.
    As a junior, Cody came into the season with a new sense of mental and physical strength from the start.  His early practices showed that he was starting off minutes and minutes ahead of where he was just one short year ago.  He opened up his junior year with a 21:50.  This was an amazing 6 minute and 58 second improvement from his last year's Charleston Invitational time.  This was by far the largest improvement on the team.  It is truly impressive if a runner improves 1 minute in a year from meet to meet, but to improve nearly 7 minutes is an unheard of feat.  It reveals Cody's inner strength and drive to be his best.  He definitely leads the team with this example.  Cody ran a 24:23 at the Springfield Invitational.  He helped his team win the open race team title for the second year in a row.  Cody ran right at his season best with a time of 22:03 at the Peoria Notre Dame Invitational.  This was a 1 minute and 17 second improvement from his last year's PND invitational time.  Cody's love for his teammates and loyalty to his team really help drive us.  Cody earned our team's team spirit of the week award after running an incredible 800s repeat workout and giving one of the most passionate speeches ever given to his teammates.  Cody drives his team to be one of the best in the State and nation.  Cody ran right at his season best at the East Peoria Invitational.  His time of 22:00 was a 1 minute and 25 second improvement from the time he ran just 1 year earlier in this invite.  This clearly shows how much he has developed as a runner both physically and mentally in just one year.  Cody had the largest improvement of the day by any runner at our team at the Metamora Invitational with a season improvement of 1 minute and 16 seconds.  He ran a season best time of 20:34 despite being sick.  He was so sick that we sent him home early from practice on Friday and cut his warm down to a minimum on race day in order to conserve his energy.  Somehow through sheer will power Cody not only improved, but drastically improved.  This really reveals his inner strength that few people possesses.  Cody's time was fast enough to earn him a spot on our team's fastest times list at the Metamora Invitational.  Cody ran a 22:44 at the Conference meet.  This was a 47 second improvement from his time just one year earlier at the Conference meet.  Cody ended his senior year by winning our team's Brent Johnson True Grit award.  This award is given to the runner that shows great determination in workouts and meets.  He was chosen by his teammates due to their great respect for him.
    As a senior, Cody worked through some early season injuries.  Cody opened up his season at the East Peoria Invitational.  Cody ran a 26:27 on this challenging course.  His practices continued to get stronger after coming off his injury.  Cody made a big jump in his second race at the Metamora Invitational.  He cut off 53 seconds to run a 25:34.  Cody showed great support of his teammates by being a great vocal leader to the runners in the State series.  Cody
and his teammates earned at medal at the State meet for placing 2nd.