Fall Kickoff
Each year our school has a Fall Kickoff the Friday before the first football game.  Each sports team walks onto the high school football field and is introduced to the parents who attend.  Our team traditionally is introduced around 6:20 most years.  They have usually been able to introduce the teams faster than the schedule below lists.  We have our runners where their uniform jersey so they look like a team.  Our runners can wear jeans or casual shorts.  Runners typically are finished being announced within 5 minutes of walking onto the football field.  We ask all runners to show up by 6:15 pm.  Most years the runners are leaving before 6:30 pm. 

Fall Kickoff
Runners will line up just outside of the entrance to the track before they will be led onto the football field to be introduced.
We typically meet roughly 10-15 minutes before we are introduced.
Runners wear their jersey and a pair of "dress" shorts.

2018 Fall Kickoff
2018 Fall Kickoff
Runners are lined up on the track and announced in front of the parents

2021 Tentative Fall Kick-off Information and Schedule


6:00 p.m. Introduction of Fall Sport Student/Athletes and Coaches using the following schedule.  We will begin all programs that have multiple levels with the Freshman Team and follow with Sophomores; concluding with the introductions of the Varsity squads.


Frank Dutton Stadium

6:00    Introduction of soccer team

6:10    Introduction of football team

6:20    Introduction of football cheerleading team

6:25    Introduction of volleyball team

6:30    Introduction of Girls Swim Team

6:35    Introduction of girls’ cross country team

6:40    Introduction of boys’ cross-country team

6:45    Introduction of the girls tennis team

6:50    Introduction of the boys golf team

6:55    Introduction of girls golf team