20202 Matthew Sims
Matthew Sims - Senior
Matthew is a first year high school cross country runner and letterman.

Son of Jim and Stephanie Sims.

2020 Letterman

600 mile club in 2020

2020 Scholar Athlete Award

2020 Old Dog Club

Most Consecutive Days in a Row 3 months


2020 Personal Best Time 17:25

2020 Monticello Invitational Open Race Meet Champion

2020 Charleston Invitational Open Race Runner-up
2020 Urbana Meet Flight #4 Runner-up
2020 Conference Meet Open Race Runner-up

Fastest Top Senior Times List for the Charleston Invitational & Conference & State Meets
2020 State Meet Qualifier - 94th

   As a senior, Matthew joined us with junior high cross country experience and high school track experience.  Matthew enjoys running so we were fortunate to get him on the team for his senior year.  Matthew ran enough miles in the summer to earn our 600 mile club award.  He was a consistent force of strength in our workouts.  He helped bring his sense of fun and intensity to all his running.  Our team benefited from his unique personality.  Matthew opened up his high school career by finishing runner-up at the Charleston Invitational open race.  He helped pull his team throughout the race and helped them win the meet with a perfect score.  Matthew ran a 18:23.   This was fast enough to earn him a spot on our team's fastest top senior times list for the Charleston Invitational.  Matthew earned our team's most consecutive day in a row award.  Matthew cut off 58 seconds in his second race.  He ran a 17:25 to help his team win the varsity race.  Matthew ran with amazing toughness in the race and helped pull his teammate to a great improvement.  Matthew and his teammate dominate the #4 flight race at the Urbana meet.  Matthew was runner-up.  He clearly has shown by finishing runner-up twice for the year that he is one of the strongest runners in the area.  Matthew was runner-up in the open race at the Conference meet.  He helped his team win the meet with a perfect score.  They finished 1st through 7th.  He ran a 17:31.  His time was fast enough to earn him a spot on our team's fastest times list at the conference meet.  Matthew ran a 17:29 at the Monticello Invitational.  He won the open race individually and helped the team win the open race as a team.  He brought a ton to the team in his one year on the team.  He ran 4 races and was runner-up or the meet champion in four of the races.  He won a varsity letter as a senior.  Matthew earned a spot on our team's Old Dog Club.  Matthew won our team's scholar athlete award as a senior.  Matthew made our team's State meet roster for the unofficial state meet.  Matthew ran the best race of his high school xc career at the State meet.  He was in the first flight.  He went to the top of lead pack in his flight.  His valiant effort inspired the team for the rest of the day.  Watching Matthew run so confidently and aggressively set the tone for the rest of the team.  He earned a spot on our team's fastest senior times at State.  He helped drive our team to a 2nd place finish.