Boys Cross Country Junior High Recruiting Meeting
Each year Coach Garrison visits with the 8th grade runners to inform them about the opportunities they will have in high school boys cross country program. Coach Garrison comes over to the junior high school during lunch in May.  New runners will get the chance to visit with Coach Garrison and ask any questions they have about Mahomet-Seymour boys cross country program.  Coach Garrison will quickly cover what to expect in practices and meets at the high school level.  Runners will be given a booklet about our program and the team's summer running program.  Future runners will be invited to the team's cross country camp in early June.

We are very fortunate at the high school to have a great feeder program into ours.  Coach Joe Bails and Coach Lisa Martin do an excellent job teaching our junior high runners how to work hard and to love running.  The runners that come out of our junior high program do well at the high school level.