TaylorSebestik   Stop Watch
Sebestik Gun Lap 400

This workout is run in honor of the Taylor Sebestik.  Taylor was always a strong runner, but really set his mind to be the one of our greatest 800 and milers.  Taylor had worked his way to being our top cross country runner as a senior.  He ran in the 15's his senior year.  Taylor was captain of his cross country team, most valuable runner, and the bulldog award winner his senior year.  In the winter of Taylor's senior year, his running partner Robert Beach and him ran extremely tough workouts on the track.  The pair would be seen sneaking into the indoor track late on weekend nights just to become the best runners they could be.  Taylor determined that he would need to have an amazing 60 second or better last 400 in his race to be able to run the 800 and 1600 meter times that he hoped for.  So after the most intense workouts when everyone was finished, Taylor decided that he always had to run a 60 second or better 400.  Even after workouts that left everyone full of lactic acid and sick to the stomach you would see Taylor pick himself up and walk over to the starting line to run his gun lap 400.  Taylor knew that he had to train both his mind and body to be able to dig down when he was at his most tired moment to run the final gun lap in 60 or better.  Taylor would step on the line and run a painful gun lap 400.  As a coach, it was both torture to watch and inspiring.  Each week Taylor ran these his body and mind adapted.  Soon most of the team would run the gun lap 400.  In the end Taylor qualified for the indoor prep top times in the 1600 where he broke 4:30.  Taylor also went on to run the second fastest 800 time in our school history with a 157.0 which was also fast enough to qualify him for State.  His training partner, Robert Beach, drastically improved his time and finished the season with a 2:00 800 meter run.