2012 Boys Cross Country Scavenger Hunt

Mahomet-Seymour High School
Boys Cross Country Scavenger Hunt

Be safe…stay with your team…look both ways before crossing the road…look out for your teammates.     90 minute limit     Start and finish at the same spot.
Must be on foot the whole time (no cars or bikes).    Must be collected by yourself-no help from anyone off your team.     Cheaters are disqualified and lose all sense of pride and accomplishment.

Signatures (Value 100 points each) Put signatures on this paper
Coach Bails    ________________________         Lucas Prather    ________________________
Jacob Mahaffey   ________________________    Henry Wolf          ________________________
John Butcher   _________________________       Elijah Johnson   ________________________
Dan Lewis       _________________________       Cale McCormick  ______________________
Brian Plotner    _________________________      Nick Ross  ____________________________

Crazy Running Stuff (Value 50 points each)
Road race number       
Running magazine       
Running watch
Running shirt from road race

Rare stuff (Value 100 points each)
Flag                             Hat
Magnet                        Any tool
Whistle                        Anything Nascar
Lego Man                    Music CD
DVD or VHS tape       VCR Tape               
Battery                         Bucket               
Wooden Nickel            Patch            
Deck of Cards              Squirt Gun
Matchbox car               Tonka Truck

Extra High Point Items (Value 500 points)
Any musical instrument                Boat Horn
Cow Bell                                    Lego Set

Donations You must get names and addresses of all those that donate $5 or more so we can send a thank you note for their support
$1 = 100 points                    $5 = 500 points       
$10 = 1000 points                $20 = 2000 points

Name   ____________________________
Address  ___________________________

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